Zac Hanson and his wife Kate have baby

Zac and Kate had their first baby, John Ira Shepherd Hanson, on Tuesday May 27, 2008. Following family tradition, the baby will go by his middle name, Shepherd.

Zac told People Magazine, “There is not an audience or concert that could ever stand up to the feeling of meeting your baby for the first time.”

The proud parents haven’t released any photos of Shepherd yet, although fake pictures (and fake baby registries) have been floating around. Zac explained on the band’s blog, “We are so happy that he is finally here, and when the time comes we will show him off proudly, but for the moment know that all of his pictures are in an air tight underwater vault.”

Other Hanson kids include Taylor and Natalie’s children, Ezra, Penelope and River, and Issac and Nikki’s son Everett. According to People Magazine, Isaac and Nikki are expecting their second child in June 2008. Who else thinks that Hanson is building an army and planning to take over the world? Or maybe the little Hansons will start their own band?

I’m glad the arrival of the newest Hanson has been deemed newsworthy by People Magazine, but I hope non-fans won’t be left with the impression that the Hanson brothers are putting their music careers on hold to raise children. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Hanson will be touring again in fall 2008, although dates have not yet been announced. While I wouldn’t blame them for taking some time off, I don’t think they would stop making music and playing shows if they had enough babies to fill a tour bus.


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