Another reason to love Kimya Dawson

I just listened to Kimya Dawson‘s 2004 album Hidden Vagenda for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear a Hanson reference in one of the songs. Being a Hanson fan, I thought this was pretty awesome and it makes me love Kimya Dawson even more. Here are the 5 Years lyrics describing Kimya’s crush on Isaac Hanson:

and i said “nick although you’re handsome, i’ll hold out for isaac hanson,
and he’ll get his braces back when i become his wife”
me and hanson will go dancing, me and hanson true romance
me and hanson take a chance, lock the door it’s party time
all our babies will be born november seventeenth i’m sure
and we’ll get a cookiepuss from the local carvel store
then our brothers will come over for a big game of red rover
everybody holding hands, break the chain, break the chain

For those who don’t know, November 17th is Isaac Hanson’s birthday. Yes, I know way too much about Hanson, and apparently Kimya does too. Anyway, I love the album even without the Hanson mention. Her music comes across as very sincere and quirky, and I wish I caught her set when I went to see Ani DiFranco last month. If anyone is in or near Philadelphia, you can see her next weekend (August 15-17) at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. She’ll also be at the End of the Road Festival in the UK in September.

You can find mp3s of some of Kimya’s songs at her website here.


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