Target Women: Story Time

In the latest episode of Target Women, Sarah Haskins takes a look at ads about magical cream cheese, ugly medusa hair, and every princess cliche you can think of. I think this might be my favorite one so far. “Milk will´╗┐ also bring sunshine to a land devastated by your period tears.” Sparkles!


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Commercial Songs: Matt and Kim Sell Mojitos

Last night I was lazily flipping through the channels and watching Stephen Colbert play soldier in Iraq when I noticed some familiar songs during the commercial breaks. “Lights Out” by Santigold was playing in a commercial for Bud Light Lime, “Fools” by The Dodos could be heard in a Miller Chill ad, and Matt and Kim’s “Daylight” was featured in a Bacardi Mojito commercial. I usually ignore alcohol commercials, but the ads managed to catch my attention even if they didn’t convince me to buy their products. I was surprised to see “Daylight” being used to sell Mojitos, but Matt and Kim deserve to get paid, and hopefully this will bring them more exposure.

Here’s the commercial:

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