New Blog: Underneath This

Hello,To anyone who stumbles upon this blog, which I haven’t posted in for quite a while, here is a new blog that I recently started with a friend: It is a collaborative effort and features interviews with musicians, authors and activists as well as thoughts on film, food, feminism and anything else that interests us. Enjoy, and tell us your thoughts!


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Target Women: Birth Control

The newest Target Women segment is up, and as usual, Sarah Haskins is hilarious. This installment is all about birth control that is advertised as period control. “Fewer periods, yay! Now we don’t have to leave the tribe and sit in that hut for a week. That was a bummer.”

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Target Women: Feeding Your F—ing Family

The newest segment of Target Women is up on Current TV. Once again, Sarah Haskins does a great job mocking ridiculous ads targeted towards women. This time she focuses on commercials aimed at moms who cook for their family. I don’t watch much TV so I haven’t seen a lot these, which is probably a good thing. That slow motion crock pot ad is just creepy. And I love the sarcasm bit Sarah does after the Tyson’s commercial. “Trumpets? Standing on chairs? Waffles? Fine, maybe I’ll move into grandma’s house and then everyone can have waffles every night!” Brilliant.

You can find links to other Target Women segments at my previous post here.

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Target Women: Proof that Sarah Haskins should have her own show

If you haven’t seen the Target Women segment on Current TV’s Infomania show, you really should. Every episode comedian Sarah Haskins has done so far has been brilliant. The feminist blogosphere loves her and Broadsheet declared her to be a girl crush, for good reason.

In the newest segment, Sarah focuses on annoying Botox ads that advise women to “express yourself” by paralyzing muscles in your face. Previous episodes have tackled yogurt ads (really, who eats yogurt at a wedding?), wedding shows (more evidence that Sarah rocks…”wait, that’s what I look like now!”), and the fight for women’s votes (“You watch Army Wives? I watch Army Wives! I’m voting for you!”).

Here is Target Women: Wedding Shows:

You can read an interview with Sarah Haskins at The Bastion.

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