New Blog: Underneath This

Hello,To anyone who stumbles upon this blog, which I haven’t posted in for quite a while, here is a new blog that I recently started with a friend: It is a collaborative effort and features interviews with musicians, authors and activists as well as thoughts on film, food, feminism and anything else that interests us. Enjoy, and tell us your thoughts!


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Ani DiFranco: Cape Cod 7/13/08

I went to my first Ani DiFranco concert a couple weeks ago, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. She played at the Melody Tent, which is a small outdoor venue, so it didn’t matter that I didn’t have great seats. The opening act was Kimya Dawson, who I’ve loved ever since hearing her album Remember That I Love You. Unfortunately, I arrived late and missed most of her set. I did catch her last song, My Rollercoaster, which made me happy. The audience loved her and Ani praised her during her set (at one point Ani stopped a song midway to say something like “this isn’t as cool as Kimya’s dream”). Ani opened with God’s Country and followed with two of my favorite songs, Napoleon (which she described as her manifesto) and Fuel. During Untouchable Face, the audience was on their feet shouting “fuck you” along with Ani, which was awesome. I really hope I’ll get to see her in concert again sometime. Her new album, Red Letter Year, will be out September 30.

Below is the full set list (taken from here).

Set list:
God’s Country
You Had Time
Landing Gear
Welcome To:
Sunday Morning
Garden of Simple
If He Tries Anything
Untouchable Face
In the Way


Both Hands
32 Flavors

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The National

I recently started listening to The National, who are currently touring with REM and Modest Mouse, and now I wish I had heard of them sooner. Here is a video of a live performance of About Today, which is an incredibly sad and beautiful song from the band’s 2004 EP, Cherry Tree. The video was shot by Vincent Moon at la Guinguette Pirate in December 2005.

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